Military Spouse Scholarships for Nursing in 2024

As another year comes to a close and 2024 looms ahead, military spouses considering advancing their education in nursing may be researching financial aid options like scholarships. This extensive post aims to thoroughly inform readers about available military spouse scholarships for nursing programs in the upcoming year through an in-depth exploration of various opportunities, requirements, application processes, and answers to common questions. Let’s get started!

The Importance of Supporting Military Spouses in Nursing Education

As of 2022, there are over one million active duty service members in the U.S. military and an estimated two million veterans.[1] Behind each of these brave men and women defending our country is a support system of families. However, frequent relocations, long periods of separation, and the risks of military service take their toll on the loved ones of those serving. Military spouses in particular face immense challenges to their education and careers due to these disruptions and instabilities.

Nursing is an in-demand field that allows spouses to build portable careers and contribute to their communities, but the time and financial commitments of education can seem insurmountable. This is where military spouse scholarships for nursing programs make a critical difference. They help alleviate financial barriers and recognize the sacrifices of military families. Numerous organizations have established these scholarships to support military spouses pursuing nursing and honor those serving our nation.

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Overview of Major Military Spouse Scholarships for Nursing

There are several prestigious national scholarships specifically for military spouses seeking nursing degrees. Learning about their basic eligibility requirements and application processes upfront can help potential applicants determine the best options to explore further. Here is a brief overview of some of the most notable scholarships:

Armed Forces Foundation Nursing Scholarship Program

  • Awards: Varies each year, typically 10-20 scholarships of $2,000-$5,000 each
  • Eligibility: Spouse of active duty, Guard, Reserve or retired military member. Pursuing ADN, BSN, or higher nursing degree.
  • Application period: Year-round online applications, deadlines March 31 and October 31
  • Website:

Burger King Scholarship Program for Military Families

  • Awards: 20 scholarships of $2,000 each
  • Eligibility: Spouse or dependent child of active duty, retired, disabled or deceased military member. Pursuing any degree or vocational training.
  • Application period: January to March each year
  • Website:

National Military Family Association Scholarships

  • Awards: Varies annually from 10-25 scholarships ranging from $1,000-$5,000 each
  • Eligibility: Spouse or dependent child of active duty, Guard, Reserve or retired military member. Pursuing technical training, associate’s, bachelor’s, or advanced degrees.
  • Application period: March to May each year
  • Website:

Walmart Foundation Family Scholarship Program

  • Awards: 250 scholarships of $2,500 each ($1.5 million total awarded annually)
  • Eligibility: Spouse or dependent child of active duty, Guard, Reserve, or veteran military member. Pursuing associate, bachelor’s, or advanced degree programs.
  • Application period: January to March each year
  • Website:

These four scholarships represent major national opportunities specifically for military spouses, but there are many other options as well. Learning about varying eligibility requirements, award amounts, and application windows is key to determining the best fit.

Top Scholarships By Countries

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Additional Military Spouse Nursing Scholarship Resources

In addition to well-known national scholarships, pursuing more tailored local or statewide opportunities is advisable. Military non-profits, hospitals, nursing organizations and academic institutions also offer nursing scholarships for spouses. Exploring the following additional resources can uncover hidden gems:

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Service Relief Societies

  • Army Emergency Relief, Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, Air Force Aid Society scholarships for military spouses and dependents
  • Deadlines vary, often quarterly or biannually
  • Websites:,,

State Nursing Associations

  • Research the association for your state of residence, many offer scholarships
  • Examples: Florida Nurses Foundation, Michigan Nurses Foundation
  • Deadlines are usually winter/spring

Academic Institution Scholarships

  • Contact nursing programs you are interested in for internal scholarship information
  • Community colleges, and universities may have dedicated military/veteran spouse awards
  • Deadlines vary by school

Employer Scholarships

  • Research major hospitals near military bases or in your target location
  • Examples: Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, Madigan Army Medical Center
  • Often require employment commitment post-graduation

Tapping into these varied local, regional and institutional opportunities greatly increases the chances of securing financial support. Persistence and a willingness to search beyond top nationwide scholarships pay off.

The Scholarship Application Process

Now that an overview of available military spouse nursing scholarship options has been provided, it’s important to understand the typical application process and what is required. Here are some key points scholarship applicants should keep in mind:

Eligibility Verification

Proving spouse/dependent eligibility is critical, such as copies of orders, military ID cards or marriage certificates. Read eligibility policies carefully.

Academic Records

High school and/or college transcripts must be submitted to verify academic qualifications like GPA requirements.

Personal Statement

A 1-2 page essay articulating your career goals, how this scholarship fits into your educational plans, and how you hope to positively impact the nursing field.

Letters of Recommendation

Usually, 2-3 letters are required from professors, employers or community members commenting on your character and qualifications.

Resume or CV

Highlight relevant education, work history, leadership roles, volunteer experience, and awards/honors.

FAFSA Report

Submit the official student aid report from your FAFSA or provide other evidence of financial need for need-based scholarships.

Supplemental Materials

Some applications require additional items like certified budgets, community service records or an interview.

The application process takes time, so start early and utilize tools like spellcheck and editing help. Ask family, advisers and writing centers for feedback before submitting. Organized, complete applications maximize the chances of winning a competitive scholarship.

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Answering Common Questions

As military spouses research nursing scholarships, many questions arise. Let’s address some frequently asked inquiries:

How do I find scholarships specific to my state of residence?

The best approach is searching online combining terms like “military spouse scholarships” with your state name. Also inquire with your target nursing schools, employers, and state nursing associations.

What if my family is planning to relocate before I finish school?

Thoroughly review scholarship guidelines for relocation policies. Some allow moves as long as your degree program doesn’t change and you keep the organization updated on your new contact details. Others may ask for funds to be repaid if relocation makes continuing ineligible.

Does pursuing an associate’s versus a bachelor’s degree impact options?

While both ADN and BSN programs are eligible for many scholarships, those aimed exclusively at bachelor’s completion advantages long-term career growth. Consider long-term goals when balancing scholarships and program types.

What if my spouse leaves active duty before I finish school?

Generally, you remain eligible as long as the military connection existed at the time of application and your spouse has an honorable discharge. Check individual scholarship policies or ask recruiters about exceptions.

Can scholarships be combined with other aid like GI Bill benefits?

Absolutely! Scholarships are gift aid that does not need to be repaid, so combining them with loans, grants, or GI Bill entitlements maximizes your assistance potential. Just be aware scholarships may impact need-based aid eligibility, so consult your financial aid office.

How do I know if my qualifications are competitive enough to win?

There is no single profile of a winning applicant, however aiming for at least a 3.0 GPA, involvement in your community, references mentioning your leadership skills, and a compelling personal statement highlighting your commitment to nursing cannot hurt! Apply to multiple options to increase your chances.

With thorough preparation and taking the time to completely understand eligibility and application requirements, military spouse scholarships for nursing degrees can help relieve financial stress. Connecting dedicated candidates with these generously supporting programs is incredibly meaningful for military families and the future nursing workforce.

In Closing…

Pursuing higher education as a military spouse involves daily acts of courage, resilience and sacrifice. For those considering advancing their careers in the rewarding yet demanding field of nursing, available scholarships specifically supporting the education of military spouses serve a vitally important role.

By raising awareness of premier national opportunities as well as tailored local and institutional options, this blog post aims to be a helpful resource as the 2024 scholarship application cycles begin. With thorough research, persistence, and well-crafted applications, military spouses can maximize their potential for financial assistance.

Realizing their educational and career goals through the gift of these scholarships not only benefits spouses but also strengthens military families and communities nationwide who depend on skilled nurses

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